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Jan Lawnikanis has been teaching weekly art lessons continuously for almost 30 years and she has tutored over 200 workshops in various locations around Australia. Students in all mediums have praised Jan for her teaching skills and this has gained her an excellent reputation with all ages.

In her personal art career, Jan’s beautifully presented work in various mediums has won many first prizes and other awards. Her commissions range from school theatre sets to a set for the QLD Conservatory of Music, 40 artworks for an apartment building, 15 artworks for an office floor, paintings for a restaurant as well as school murals and private works for client’s homes.

Jan has been the featured artist in Australian Artist Magazine, with 5 full-length articles on using coloured pencils. Other publications include the Paradise Magazine-GC Bulletin, Art Newsflash, International Watercolour Institute catalogue, Art Edit magazine, the Australian Coloured Pencil Network and Artwise textbook for the Australian School Curriculum.

‘I love to teach art! It is always a thrill seeing students improve in leaps and bounds. I relish the opportunity to pass on everything I have learnt in the many years of producing art and teaching it. Gratefully, students often comment that they have learnt more in my workshops than any previously.

On a personal level, my passion is about finding truth and beauty in the natural world, conveying the amazing effects of light and shadows, and using colour to advantage.’ Jan L.

Watercolour workshop for all levels of experience with Jan Lawnikanis ~ Beginners to Advanced

Discover the joy of painting in watercolour with a very experienced tutor who has a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge!

This workshop is especially designed for those who are just starting their watercolour journey, or those who desire to become more proficient in their use of this wonderful, but sometimes challenging medium.

Jan will work with each participant to help overcome any problems that can be inherent with paint to water ratios, creating more contrast and dealing with boo-boo’s!

Projects will include water scenes, quick imaginative landscapes, fun pen and wash subjects, birds, and in-depth instruction on painting florals – Jan’s speciality.

Attached are photos of some of the types of subjects we’ll be covering in the workshop. Obviously, I’ll pick easier subjects for beginners.

Are your drawing skills lacking? No problem! Jan will provide images to transfer so your time can be devoted to the painting process.

Recommended Materials


  • Any “Artists’ Quality” brands of watercolour in a range of different colours. Include a magenta (permanent rose), phthalo blue and a primary yellow (eg hansa yellow medium), all preferably in tubes, but ‘pan’ watercolours are also fine if they are a professional brand.  Total beginners can get by with just those 3 latter colours.  Neutral Tint is also worth having.


  • For this workshop you will require 300gsm Cold Pressed watercolour paper in pads or a block. It must be 100% cotton. Again, only buy Artists’ quality. Arches and Saunders Waterford are excellent brands. Don’t compromise on paper, cheap brands are useless! A watercolour block is ideal as there is no need to stretch the paper. The size needs to be from at least A4 or larger.


  • Bring whatever watercolour brushes you may already own but include at least two or three “rounds” of different sizes with sharp points. A squirrel hair “mop” would also be handy if you own one or a hake, any brush really for larger areas. Watercolour brushes can be synthetic or natural hair, but they should have short handles, not long ones, as the long-handled brushes are for acrylics and oils.


  • The large plastic palettes with lots of wells and a lid are my recommendation; otherwise bring what you own. Even ice-cube trays will do for puddles of colour, but you’ll need something with a larger flat surface for mixing paint on. *

Other Necessities

  • Drawing equipment (pencils, eraser, ruler etc.), 1 sheet of graphite transfer paper *(no other type will do), an old hand towel or rags, tissues, 2 plastic containers for water and masking tape. A pipette* would also be handy. Also think about bringing a board slightly larger than your paper with something that will prop up one end for keeping your painting surface at an angle.

Please also bring a black fine tip felt pen that is waterproof, for a pen and wash lesson.

* Jan will bring transfer paper and pipettes for sale. Please contact her if you would like to purchase a palette or paints as she may be able to get these cheaper than in other shops.

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Saturday 25th - Monday 27th May 2024

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